• Alcohol and Mental Health in Malawi

    Alcohol and Mental Health in Malawi0

    Sometimes you get a feeling that Malawi is a country in a permanent state of socio-political and economic crisis; from newspaper headlines, political speeches to random chats on social media one wonders how the inhabitants of this peaceful beautiful country get-by day-by-day. The problem is, as I have argued before, because Malawi leaders always opt

  • Even With Access to Information, Malawi Needs Whistle-blowers

    Even With Access to Information, Malawi Needs Whistle-blowers0

    On 6th August 2016 one of Malawi’s two dailies, The Nation newspaper reported that Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs had started an exercise that would result in all public servants taking oath of secrecy in all government Ministries, Departments and Agencies. The Justice Ministry did not speak to the media but the then Minister

  • Malawi and Zambia Get Maized

    Malawi and Zambia Get Maized0

    This article was co-authored by  Jimmy Kainja from Malawi  Governments of Malawi and Zambia have come under fire over an alleged maize export scam of 100, 000 metric tons involving about US $13 million dollars. When the allegations of the scam surfaced, Malawi President Peter Mutharika appointed a Commission of Inquiry to probe into the

  • Grace Chiumia is a Victim of Malawi’s Defective Political System

    Grace Chiumia is a Victim of Malawi’s Defective Political System0

    Fredric Jameson, a contemporary American Marxist and literary critic opened his influence work on The Political Unconscious (1981) with that slogan: “always historicise.” Jameson’s view is that all works of literature are received by the reader with already read status – even new text, he argues, is read with a hangover of unconscious prejudice and

  • Malawi, A Country of Short-Term Fixes and Permanent Crises

    Malawi, A Country of Short-Term Fixes and Permanent Crises0

    Malawi leaders are very good at finding quick fixes to complicated problems, akin to bandaging boils instead of bursting and treating them. Wishing problems away instead of dealing with them. Malawi is always in a state of crisis because its leaders always opt for quick but temporary fixes to complicated problems that seem popular at


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