• Kenya’s Biggest Electoral Problem? Not Solving Electoral Problems

    Kenya’s Biggest Electoral Problem? Not Solving Electoral Problems0

    Britain’s Queen Elizabeth famously declared 1992 an “annus horribilis”, one which, she said, she wouldn’t look back with undiluted pleasure. For many around the world, 2016 has similarly turned out to be a horrible year. From the deaths of several pop culture icons; to the millions forced to flee senseless killing and destruction in the

  • Democracy, my foot

    Democracy, my foot0

    Like many other Ugandans, whatever illusions I might have had about our being a “democracy” were quashed in February. But, every now and then I chance upon something that extols our democratic virtues. Government literature, especially. It’s rare to read a government report whose foreword or introduction does not include a reminder about how far


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Dear @DCI_Kenya, How about the billionaires whose names and illicit assets are listed in the Kroll Report? They are still "enjoy[ing] their ill-gotten wealth in peace", no? twitter.com/ThePlatf…