• Of Kenya’s ‘Illiberal’ Democracy

    Of Kenya’s ‘Illiberal’ Democracy0

    GUEST BLOG The recent happenings in Kenya call for sober reflection on the nature of our democracy, and by extension, our political culture. When we champion ourselves as a model of democracy in (East) Africa, is that an accurate description? Could it be that we are self-delusional?  As Marcus Tullius Cicero keenly noted, salus populi

  • Is Chimamanda Adichie a Postcolonial Theorist?

    Is Chimamanda Adichie a Postcolonial Theorist?0

    “The best thing to come out of Chimamanda-gate is all these deep conversations about theory on Twitter” – Nanjala Nyabola‏  Grace A. Musila has reignited the social media debate on Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s controversial comments on postcolonial theory during a recent interview. “As an academic”, the associate professor in the English Department at Stellenbosch University in South Africa informs

  • Goree Island

    Goree Island1

    Since South African Airways dropped Dakar as their regular refueling stop, getting to Goree Island (a fifteen-minute ferry ride off Dakar’s coast) can be quite a journey. It took around 24 hours for me, flying from CPT to JNB-NBO-ABJ, then DKR. Eighteen bloggers from Uganda, Zimbabwe, DRC, South Africa and elsewhere have gathered for an

  • Unscrambling Africa – Using photography to balance the continent’s narative

    Unscrambling Africa – Using photography to balance the continent’s narative2

    When you Google most African cities, the first images you will probably see are those of conflict, urban slums and if you are a little lucky wildlife. To the Western world, that is what pretty much defines us. But is it? You have probably heard of the saying, “Africa is not a country, it’s a


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So the "Superhighway" is really not about fixing traffic problems because it seems we are back where we started, no? Or was it not predictable that vehicular traffic would grow? And knowing this, why build a "Superhighway" where pedestrians would need to cross it? twitter.com/martinMu…