• Of Women, Nudity & Socio-cultural Issues

    Of Women, Nudity & Socio-cultural Issues0

    On Thursday morning at 4:30 a.m. I woke up to go join a group of lady/women feminists for a Power Walk. The walk started at Lugogo Parking Lot – through Upper Kololo terrace – Prince Charles Drive up Elizabeth Avenue down Hill Lane back to Prince Charles Drive, Ekobo Avenue onto York Terrace, back to

  • Africa and the Panama Papers: Waiting on Popular Disapproval

    Africa and the Panama Papers: Waiting on Popular Disapproval0

    In Africa, the Panama Papers and their revelations will most likely not reach a particular popular crescendo. In part, like the global and phenomenal Wikileaks revelations, they will lead to astounding local/continental media revelations. African journalists, like their counterparts on other continents will try their level best to sift through the monumental and cumbersome documents


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I was Insulted a few days ago when I said the opposition & the people of zim are the biggest losers. Guess I was right. Tirikuitiswa