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  • Zapiro and the rape of South Africa

    Zapiro and the rape of South Africa0

    If you are reading this, then you have likely seen today’s Zapiro cartoon. If you haven’t, you can see it on Daily Maverick. I’m not going to reproduce it here, both because I haven’t asked for permission to do so, and because some folk who I hope to engage via this post might think it’s

  • Mining and Tuberculosis in Zambia

    Mining and Tuberculosis in Zambia0

    Mining activities in Zambia bring the much needed revenue for development. Being the second largest copper producer in Africa, mining is a key revenue generation activity for Zambia. Yet, mining also has its own negative effects on people’s health. Tuberculosis (TB) is one disease which is predominantly found in mining towns, a case in point is Copperbelt Province,

  • Tanzania: Political Implications of Appointing Prof. Mkumbo

    Tanzania: Political Implications of Appointing Prof. Mkumbo0

    “I once said I miss Chadema [of] Zitto/Mbowe/Slaa/Lissu/Mnyika/Mdee [of] 2010…when I could proudly say we have a strong opposition in Tanzania”– Carol Ndosi, 19 October 2015 Politics changes. So do politicians. Hence we must not freeze political perspectives in the past. However, the past demands attention. This is why no wonder the decision of the


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