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  • The AU passport, are we getting closer to African integration?

    The AU passport, are we getting closer to African integration?0

    At the beginning of this week, a momentous development happened at the AU Heads of State summit in Kigali, Rwanda; the first ever copies of the African Union passports were issued to Rwanda President  Paul Kagame and AU Chairperson Idris Deby (Chad President). The two leaders are the first recipients of the new travel documents

  • Mandela Day and Sustainable Charity

    Mandela Day and Sustainable Charity0

    In November 2009, the United Nations General Assembly declared that 18 July should be commemorated as “Nelson Mandela International Day”, in recognition of his “struggle for democracy internationally and the promotion of a culture of peace”. It is unfortunately all too easy to imagine Mandela looking on in dismay at where we are in 2016,

  • Malawi: The Problem with its Proposed National ID Cards

    Malawi: The Problem with its Proposed National ID Cards0

    Malawi government has been running adverts in the local press announcing its pilot phase for national identity cards. This is a plausible move given that without IDs, it is utterly impossible for one to justify that they’re indeed Malawian. Birth certificates are not yet universal – those who want one have to pay for it

  • What does Brexit mean for Africa?

    What does Brexit mean for Africa?0

    After Britain’s referendum and exit from the European Union (EU), a lot of questions have emerged about the possible implications Brexit may have for Africa. According to the BBC, if there is a “technical recession” in the UK then there may be a reduction in trade between African countries and the United Kingdom, which would

  • Museveni gets ‘Meme-fied’

    Museveni gets ‘Meme-fied’0

    Freedom of expression is a lot of things – and for this digital savvy age: cartoons and memes have become a crucial part communicating online. If you don’t already know : a meme is defined as : “a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc. that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly


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