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  • Rethinking the Opposition and the Civil Society in Zimbabwe

    Rethinking the Opposition and the Civil Society in Zimbabwe0

    The 15 November 2017 military coup in Zimbabwe marked the end of Mugabe’s 37-year stranglehold on power, as the balance of forces shifted in the ruling ZANU PF party which was being hounded by a succession battle over the past two decades. The talk of succession was treacherous, ambition was sacred, it was taboo to express one’s

  • Rain and Zimbabwe’s 2018 Harmonised Elections

    Rain and Zimbabwe’s 2018 Harmonised Elections0

    Zimbabwe’s rainy seasons always signify anxious moments for its ruling establishment(s).  This is because when the heavens open up (generously), it is considered, across many of the country’s sub-cultures, that the ancestors and Mwari, Unkulunkulu (God) has blessed the land and its people.  Not because of expected regular geographical (scientific patterns) as to the regularity

  • Malawi and the Internet, It’s Getting Worse0

    Freedom House’s Freedom on the Net, 2017 report shows that 2017 was, as puts it, “terrible year for Internet freedom”. The report shows that almost half of the 65 countries assessed in 2017 experienced a decline in Internet freedoms during the assessment period. Less than one-quarter of users reside in countries where there are

  • Kenya’s Road Deaths: It’s The System, Stupid

    Kenya’s Road Deaths: It’s The System, Stupid1

    Kenyans can be amazing in their self-contradictions. Take matters death, for example. When our politicians pass on, they are immediately raptured, in the popular imagination, into a heavenly pantheon and cleansed of all earthly sin. Not so regular folk. Following the spike in road crashes in December which have claimed over 200 lives, many have

  • Culture /Religion Vs Human Rights

    Culture /Religion Vs Human Rights0

    On 21 November 2017 proprietors and editors of Red Pepper, a tabloid newspaper in Uganda were arrested.  Those arrested include Arinaitwe Rugyendo, James Mujuni, Richard Tusiime, and Johnson Byabaraha who are also known to have a huge share in the business, the media institution.  A Police spokesperson in a briefing after the arrests said the

  • The Gory and Glorious History of Gorée Island

    The Gory and Glorious History of Gorée Island0

    “Africa will write its own history and in both north and south it will be a history of glory and dignity” – Patrice Lumumba It was both distressing and soothing to read Takura Zhangazha and Paul Shalala’s reflections on our recent trip to Gorée Island in Senegal. Distressing because of the constant reminder about the gory legacy of

  • Gorée Island: From Slavery To The Promotion Of Reconciliation

    Gorée Island: From Slavery To The Promotion Of Reconciliation0

    It is a famous, or is it infamous, island which is well known for slavery, death, human suffering, sexual exploitation and inhuman behaviour. Gorée Island in Senegal is one of three centres where the African Slave Trade thrived. According to historical records, the tiny island, which is off the the coast of Dakar, was responsible for

  • Echoes from Goree: Resisting a Contemporary African Slave Trade

    Echoes from Goree: Resisting a Contemporary African Slave Trade0

    Visiting Goree Island in Senegal did not turn out to be as eerie as I had initially anticipated. And I wasn’t going to have an Obama picturesque moment of looking austerely toward the open Atlantic ocean. Or trying to find the deepest of meaning from it. But approaching the island on the hourly ferry from

  • Goree Island

    Goree Island1

    Since South African Airways dropped Dakar as their regular refueling stop, getting to Goree Island (a fifteen-minute ferry ride off Dakar’s coast) can be quite a journey. It took around 24 hours for me, flying from CPT to JNB-NBO-ABJ, then DKR. Eighteen bloggers from Uganda, Zimbabwe, DRC, South Africa and elsewhere have gathered for an

  • We need to talk about Access to Information, Again

    We need to talk about Access to Information, Again0

    I recently received  a phone call from a journalist asking my views on authorities refusing to provide information to the media. The context of the story was that a local media institution got rumours that the sacked Zimbabwean Vice President, Emmerson Mnangagwa who has left Zimbabwe had sought asylum in Malawi. In the spirit of


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