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  • Chinese Companies And The Abuse Of Zambian Workers

    Chinese Companies And The Abuse Of Zambian Workers0

    At the time when the talk in the country is on the debt the Zambian government owes China, something more serious about the Chinese is being ignored: hundreds of Chinese companies operating in the country are paying their workers meagre salaries and conditions of service are very worrying. Workers in factories are not provided with

  • #FIFA18: Accessible and Affordable ICT’s, Africa’s Generational Battle

    #FIFA18: Accessible and Affordable ICT’s, Africa’s Generational Battle0

    In the Wretched of the Earth, Frantz Fanon said “each generation must discover its mission, fulfil it, or betray it, in relative opacity.” For Africa and its people, for whom Fanon spoke for, this call to action is more daunting than it sounds, specifically for two specific reasons. First, general socioeconomic problems on the continent can hardly

  • Women and Politics in Uganda – Rhoda Kalema’s Story

    Women and Politics in Uganda – Rhoda Kalema’s Story0

    Rhoda Kalema is a story of commitment, courage, character and triumph as a girl, a woman, mother, and grandmother to many young women in Uganda.  Rhoda is quick to mention that this story not about her but that she is just a branch that came out of people that mentored her over the years. Born in

  • Zimbabwe’s Next Five Years0

    Political perspectives in Zimbabwe, at least after the recent 2018 general election, have tended to have a sense of immediacy and urgency.  Spurred on by the fundamentally zero-sum power games that our national elections are or their highly polarized nature, we tend to not look beyond our noses as to what it all means.  And

  • Who Can Challenge Macky Sall?

    Who Can Challenge Macky Sall?0

    In 2012, civil society opposition parties’ demonstrations enabled Macky Sall to be elected President of the Republic. The leader of Coalition Macky 2012 had won 26.19% of the vote in the first round, followed respectively by: Moustapha Niasse 13.20% Ousmane Tanor Dieng 11.30% Idrissa Seck 7.86% Cheikh Bamba Dieye 1.93% Ibrahima Fall 1.81% The combined backing


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