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  • Innocent Victim? Not Exactly

    Innocent Victim? Not Exactly0

    The last few weeks have been rather trying for Kenyan media. The government’s criminal overreaction to the mock swearing in of Raila Odinga did not end with the shut down of the three leading television stations for over a week. Even after they were allowed back on air, the Uhuru Kenyatta administration has continued to

  • DR Congo: An Electoral Commission under Kabila’s orders

    DR Congo: An Electoral Commission under Kabila’s orders0

    There are ten months left for the elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but there is no evidence that these elections will take place. And even if they take place on December 23, 2018 as planned, there is no guarantee that they will be free, transparent and democratic. Among the concerns of the

  • Of Kenya’s ‘Illiberal’ Democracy

    Of Kenya’s ‘Illiberal’ Democracy0

    GUEST BLOG The recent happenings in Kenya call for sober reflection on the nature of our democracy, and by extension, our political culture. When we champion ourselves as a model of democracy in (East) Africa, is that an accurate description? Could it be that we are self-delusional?  As Marcus Tullius Cicero keenly noted, salus populi

  • Ramaphosa, and the Soft Tyranny of Low Expectations

    Ramaphosa, and the Soft Tyranny of Low Expectations0

    South African social media have been even more intemperate than usual since Cyril Ramaphosa was elected ANC leader – and yes, I realise how implausible that might sound. It nevertheless strikes me as true in light of the volume of comment I read calling for President Zuma’s head (sometimes quite literally), now that he was

  • Black Panther and the Democracy of Imagination

    Black Panther and the Democracy of Imagination0

    “At the end of the day, a filmmaker’s most important tool is humanity” – Ryan Coogler  The story is probably too familiar now. It involved a black boy by the name of Malcom Little. When a white teacher asked him what he thought of becoming, his young mind sparked with imagination: “Well, yes, sir, I’ve been thinking I’d

  • Signs of a Museveni fatigue: It is Kyadondo East, not North

    Signs of a Museveni fatigue: It is Kyadondo East, not North0

    The young friend of ours is called Honorable Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu AKA Bobi Wine, and he represents Kyadondo East, not North as you assert in your latest misguided missive that is out of touch. What are the security services doing in collecting Honorable Kyagulanyi’s messages? I thought their role does not include involving themselves in


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