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  • Want To Get Rich? – Join Politics

    Want To Get Rich? – Join Politics0

    AFRICAN politicians long abandoned the idea of servant-hood. As famous Kenyan Law Professor Patrick Lumumba recently observed, in Africa, the shortest route to ill-gotten wealth is political leadership. Examples abound across the continent of Africa of how poor citizens continue to cough blood to sustain the lavish lifestyles of politicians. How much are these our

  • The Zimbabwe Peoples Charter and the democratic struggle

    The Zimbabwe Peoples Charter and the democratic struggle1

    February 9, 2017, marked the ninth anniversary since the adoption of the Zimbabwe People’s Charter. The Charter, being a product of wide consultations with the masses throughout the country was debated and produced by the more than 3 000 representatives of workers, students, churches, business, women and youth organisations. Fundamentally, a critical interpretation of the

  • Gender dysphoria and gender reassignment

    Gender dysphoria and gender reassignment0

    When writing this, I had just finished reading Scott O. Lilienfeld’s piece titled “How can skepticism do better?“, in which he notes that: The great Swiss developmental psychologist Jean Piaget got a number of details wrong; for example, he almost surely underestimated children’s cognitive capacities in many domains. Nevertheless, Piaget imparted a crucial insight that


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Masake Anthony

Dear @ntvuganda, coverage on proceedings at police court should be balanced with interrogation on enforcement of orders in previous cases.